I tried to do this but the installer won't let me do it.  I went ahead and and installed the zoo.  Now it say to contact my zoo admin.  I followed the instructions about deleting the registry entry and relaunching rhino 5.  Again it says that my key is invalid.

Why would my key be invalid?

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Hi David,

> I tried to do this but the installer won't let me do it.

What does this mean?

The Zoo is a network, or floating, license manager. It is useful if you have more users of Rhino than you do licenses of Rhino. If this something that does not apply to your situation, then you should not have checked the "Float my license on the network using the Zoo" check box during the installation of Rhino.

With this said, if you want convert a Rhino installation from a network-node to a standalone node, then following these instructions.


After this, you can uninstall the Zoo from your Rhino system.

Let me know if this helps.

 -- Dale

Sorry about the self referencing post.  The installer wasn't letting me start rhino without 1st installing the zoo.  Both zoo and rhino were telling me that my key was invalid.  It turns out that the problem was due to a key issue.  The label on the outside of the jewelcase was 1 character different than the label on the booklet INSIDE the jewelcase.  DOH!!!

This happened to a comrade of mine too.

In what way did the 2 CD keys differ? Was it just a matter of the letter I looking like the number 1, or the letter O looking like the number 0, or something else?

 -- Dale

Or were you entering the serial number instead of the CD key? 

  -- Dale

Hi David,

The Rhino products we ship not have CD keys printed on the outside of the jewel case - only on the inside stuck to the license agreement.

Where did you get your Rhino from? Was the jewel case open when you received it? Its clear that the top label was not printed by us...

 -- Dale

Ahhhhhhh,  I get it.  I did get it from a legit reseller.  I'll take this up with them then.  Thanks again for the help.

Hi David,

Can you email the name of the reseller to me (dale@mcneel.com)?


 -- Dale

will do.



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