In Rhino 4 I always modeled in a perspective rendered view port. I followed some of the tips at "prettify  my rhino"and I was able to model and have only the naked edges of a surface visible.  This allowed for fast checking of where two surfaces come together while building.(no line no problem).its also negates the naked edge tool from having to be brought up every time there is a trim or filet problem.

This also allowed me to join surface or not join surfaces for display purposes to give visual weight.   I can't seem to get Rhino 5 to do this. surface edges seem to be either all on or all off? Any Ideas?

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Hi Linwood- see if the attached is what you are after. Unzip then use Import in Options > View > DisplayModes to get it into Rhino.




Thanks for the response. It is very close to what i am looking for. I changed the settings to turn it into Rendered a viewport.

I have included an image it shows some surfaces. The arrows point to different seams. The red one is joined and the blue one is naked. Is there any way to get the joined seam to disappear like in rhino 4?

This is how it looks in rhino4 with joined seams. Again,the red is joined and the blue is open

Hi Linwood- As far as I can see you cannot do that in V5- it looks like edge and naked edge display is dependent on isocurve display- this does not seem quite right to me... I'll see what the developer has to say.


Hi Linwood,

Thanks for reporting this. I filed the issue and hopefully we can make a slight change to allow this display setting. The best I could get was to assign a custom color for the edge display that matched the shaded color but this won't allow for varied shaded colors. The attached mode is my attempt. 


I noticed when a surface is not trimmed and is joined to another surface that is not trimmed the line does disappear?  

I still see the surface edge between joined untrimmed srfs here using the mode I posted. In some view angles with the default layer color the line does appear to vanish though. 

I would use this too but would be nice to be able to toggle it on a per-polysurface basis.



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