I have a bunch of points with known coordination. these are points that can make a 3D surface. is there any possibility to pass a curve through these points and then export the result 3D surface as a STL file?

Thanks a lot 

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Most likely yes but very difficult to answer precisely without seeing the point set and knowing the point order for the curve.

Hi Chris,


actually they are points of out surface of a 3D image that I want to pass through them a surface. I had an 2D image, I wrote a code in MATLAB to convert it to a 3D image. now I have a lot of points that together make the out surface of the 3D object. actually these points are so close to each other because actually I used the pixel coordination to generate these points.

thanks again


Several methods come to mind, if they are very random points in space you can use Patch through them, if they are ordered however, you can create a more ordered surface based on the point structure. The last would probably require a scripted solution if there are many points, although it might be possible to put curves through rows of points and then loft the result.


Hi  Helvetosaur,

Points together make the outsurface of a 3D image.

Thanks for your nice idea, I will try to put curve through rows of points and then loft the results.

I'll let you know the outcome.

thanks again for your time and idea.




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