I've been use the MeshFromPoints command for some time but don't understand the setting. After u pick the point cloud I have an option for "SamplingDensityPlusNoise" and AutoAdjustGrid=No and NumofContouringGridCells. I can't find any info using the Rhino Help so I thought I would turn to the users group. Anyone know where I can find info on these options or take a minute to explain here.



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Hi John, 

I spoke to the developer who originally was involved in this project and it looks like this was created as a labs plugin around Rhino 3 time and is derived from this research paper... http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/hoppe/proj/thesis/ 

You may be able to discern how the sampling works better from this. This isn't an active project though to my knowledge and is only maintained as a plugin for users that have come to use it in their workflow. I would suggest looking at Grasshopper for the most current techniques in this area if you need more features. There are a variety of point sampling to mesh methods as well as some dedicated add ons that deal exclusively with meshes. http://www.grasshopper3d.com/ ... one that is spoken highly of is called Weaver Bird. 

Thanks Brian, I will look into Grasshopper3d



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