I have a need to make a narrow slot, 1.7 mm x 10 mm long, by 5 mm deep in a rectangular block. I can draw it in Rhino 4, but when converting and repairing the mesh the slot closes completely. I have attached the .3dm file. This will be 3D printed. Netfabb closes the slot completely.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong??

Thanks to all in advance.


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Using the default STL export settings on your block (0.01mm) the STL is closed and perfect...  I don't know what's going wrong on your end...

Edit: ahh, sorry, Rhino 4 - but OK, the result is the same, closed and perfect.




Thanks for the reply. Yes I know it checks OK, but my slicer says it is no good. I guess I'll just keep digging.

Thanks again for your time checking it.

There is definitely something wrong there...  The object couldn't be any simpler.  I checked it in Magics and it's 100% correct.   I ran it through my 3D printer software (FDM) and it's good...  So I don't know what to tell you...


My slic3r says it is not manifold. Now, KISS says it's ok, but I don't know anything about how to set up KISS. Guess I'll learn.

Well, I guess someone needs to report that as a bug to the slic3r software writer.  It is definitely not non-manifold.


Yes, everything I've run it through says it's water tight.



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