Hi all!

There's a new Neon!


This is "Release Candidate 2."  It contains a few bug fixes over the previous version, including a fix for the occasional hang you've been reporting.  Hopefully that particular problem is now solved.

The full list of changes in RC2 are below:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes HDR textures local mapping parameters did not work.
  • Fixes problem with curve piping not working immediately after ApplyCurvePiping is run.
  • Fixes long delay when showing objects with very large textures.
  • Fixes occasional hang when restarting a rendering after completion by changing the view.




- Andy


Andrew le Bihan

Robert McNeel and Associates



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Hi Andrew, i can't execute Neon 1, is it possible to have neon 1 for XP version please? Thanks Laurent

The download is an MSI file: Neon_10_x86_20130409.msi

Maybe your Browser changed the file name?

I'm afraid not.  Neon does not work with XP.



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