No casting shadows using rectangular light_V5

Rhino render(V5, release 1).

In display mode, the spotlight has shadows not rectangular light.

The new tips video seems having a nice clear shadow in rectangular lighting mode ( Is this a new release?

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Hi Tom- the light you have highlighted is a spotlight in the upper image (light 02), not a rectangular light...


Yes, spotlight can cast shadows, but rectangular lights do not as shown the images attached above.

I wonder if this is going to be fixed in release 2 or it's just a setting issue from my end. Thanks!


Hi Tom- just fyi, I updated my video drivers and shadows appear now, as expected, from rectangular lights ...


I updated Rhino to new V5SR2 and no shadows using rectangular light. The display driver was updated about two month ago they are pretty much new.

I attached file here. Can anyone see shadows in the rendered display mode?


Broken again here too...

I'll see what I can find out.





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