Pipes are being created with double layered surfaces, Bug ?


In V5 Creating a pipe gives a result of a pipe with a double layer surface,

I have to expload the pipe, delete the extra surface & rejoin..

Possible bug ?


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That's not happening here.  Can you check your curve to see if it's not doubled back on itself?  Otherwise, can you post an example?

Thanks, ----H

Tnx for replaying,

It Doesn't Happen every time & i fixed the last sample i had, as soon as it happens again ill post it.


Hi Gilad- if the command line option for Thick=Yes you will get a pipe with inner and outer surfaces... is that it?



Hey Pascal,

Thick is = No

Im waiting for the situation to occur again and ill post a sample here..


Here is a sample of the problem,

after creating the 0.8 mm pipe, thick=no, doing a slight scale of the parent curve with Gumball, history updated the pipe & the pipe becomes a doable surface pipe that can only be exploded for deleting the extra surface..



Hi Gilad- thanks, I see that now.





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