Hello, one of my GA's recently upgraded to Rhino5 from 4.  Now nPower plugin is no longer working.  How can we get this back to a functioning level.  Is there a new plugin or can we just reinstall the plugin?  I have also sent an email to nPower for help on this issue.

thank you.


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Hi Kal- presumably the plug-in is a 32 bit plug-in, so it will only work on 32 bit V5. If you open that, and you do not see the relevant commands, try dragging and dropping the plug-in (rhp file) from where ever it is installed onto the V5 window to load it up.

Any luck?



Thanks Pascal, I will have him try that and get back to you.

Hi Pascal, I noticed he is using the x64bit system\version, so I tried your advice going the 64bit path, but no luck.  I re-installed nPower, and 3Dmax still is unable to import.  Are there any other ideas you might have?  really appreciate it.  Thank you!

Hi Kal- as far as I know, unless nPower provide a 64 bit plug-in, the user needs to run 32 bit V5 (which is automatically installed alongside 64 bit v5 on 64 bit systems) and use nPower there.





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