Rhino 5 with ATI Firepro v4800 (firegl) video card display problems


I am having a problem with the display in perspective viewport. when shaded there is a lot of tracing when I rotate, the file will crash very frequently, and when I zoom or select objects it often hides or distorts the display so that I cannot tell what is going on.













This is a screen shot of what the tracing looks like, it happens with almost every zoom or rotate.


The geometry is imported ACIS solids .dwg that had been exported from Revit. The problem persists even with geometry created natively.

Using Rhino Version 5 (5.1.30129. 1756. 1/29/2013)


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Hi Nathan- check that the video drivers are up to date and that Option > View > OpenGL is set to use Accelerated hardware modes (top check box).




Thank you for your prompt reply!


Below is a screen capture of the View Settings. Using accelerated hardware modes was checked. The problem is also occuring in other viewports. Resetting the 4 views seems to help for a brief moment. I have also been unable to switch the view to wireframe from shaded or rendered periodically and I must reset the views or change to another port.


Hi Nathan- can you try the SR2 candidate? We made some changes in display stuff to fix a different, but possibly related problem. 

To enable updates to service release candidates, set Options > Updates and Statistics > 'Update frequency' to 'Service release candidate'. Rhino will look for these, download them in the background and offer to install once that is done and you are either opening or closing Rhino. That might or might not help this problem...






I will try the update candidate tomorrow. Additional errors were occuring as I worked in the model, repeatedly crashing. It would crash even as the file was opening. The split command would cause it to crash as well.

Is this most likely hardware incompatibility or some other issue? Would the geometry import have any bearing? If so do you reccomend another way to get Revit geomerty into Rhino?

Thank you

Hi Nathan- are you getting the crash dump reporting system kicking in when Rhino blows? If so, please send some of those in, along with the file(Check box in the report form) and any details you think would be useful- that will give us the best chance of finding this crash. My guess is that it is video or driver related...





Yes I have sent them in. 


Thank you 



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