I have a series of radial ribs, about 125+ of them. I need to create 2d outlines of each rib on the xy plane for laser cutting. at the moment I am creating a cplane:to object for each rib to create a make2D, but it is taking quite some time. 

Is there a faster way?



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A script or Grasshopper is a faster way.  Can you post the file?

Hi Chris, I'm happy to send you the file directly. I've just sent a friend request. Thank you.

Andrew, Here are some screenshots showing what's possible and how it was done.  The Grasshopper file is attached but if you're unfamiliar with Grasshopper then I'll have to do a screencast to show you how it works.  Also I don't know any details of your production workflow and whether or not the definition needs to be modified because of it. 


Screencast on using the GH definition.

Hi Chris,

Wow! Thanks so much for your grasshopper script. It will indeed make things a lot easier for me than flattening those sections manually. (I sped things up a little with a rhino macro, but was still painfully manual!) I must learn grasshopper!

There are two things I'd like to ask:

There is already a numbering system in place which I'd like to preserve. Is there any way to incorporate that into the gh file?

Also, is there a way to orient the shapes like in my attached file?

If not, your current file will still save me loads of time. Thanks again!



Hi Andrew,

Rhino's Section and Contour commands work well for creating 2-d profiles.

 -- Dale

Hi Dale,

I'm familiar with Section and Contour- they're great! But I have around 200 sections to do which are at angles to each other in plan (like pieces of an orange). The quickest way i've found is to intersect the object with an array of planes set at the angle. That does a pretty good job of creating the sections. Using Chris' script above should get me the rest of the way!





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