I'm having an issue that i cant seem to overcome no matter what settings i tweak.

Here is a screenshot of what my shadows look like.

Take special note of the grainy-ness on the surfaces as well as the ground plane. I want hard shadows so i can better understand lighting conditions in my scene when using the sun. 

I've tried to mess with the shadow sliders in the display options and those dont seem to make any difference. 

Thank you for your help!


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I think that getting hard shadows will depend on your light source. 

Yeah so my lighting scenario is just a sunlight system. but i feel that its not accurate. 

The shadows seem to be floating. additionally if you look closely to the "walls" of the buildings, the shadows are pretty grainy. I may be wrong, but i assume its one large problem, unrelated to the lights. 

i have the same problem.  no matter what shadow settings i choose. i'm glad to see rhino attempt to incorporate real time shadows in version 5, but it needs some major work to clean them up.  i see the same grainy shadows and incorrectly drawn shadows that make objects appear to float above the ground - whether on the ground plane or on a surface.  visualizing accurate shadows created at different times of day is an essential task in relation to architectural and urban design.  hopefully mcneel is looking into ways to improve this.  hard shadows from a point light (as shown by chris) are great, but we need the same ability to see them with the sun.


anybody at mcneel thinking about / working on this issue?

Hi Greg, all- yeah, shadows from Skylight will not be beautiful soft shadows in the real time working modes, at least not yet, on most video cards. I'll see if I can find out what can be tuned up here, but I think this is dependent on the video cards and drivers as much as anything Rhino is doing.  See Neon (http://v5.rhino3d.com/group/neon) though for nice shadows, if not exactly in working mode time... 





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