Hi Guys,

I would like to create the surface attached.

Next to it is the same surface created in Solidworks as an example of what i'm after.

This was done with network curves, but you are allowed to select more than 4 sides or pick constraints

Network curves doesn't work as there is 5 sides.

Patch doesn't make the edges tangent (and yes the box is ticked) and when you zoom in they are not connecting. You need like 50 spans to get anything kind of close.

Any ideas on how to make this?

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O yeah, btw.....i need to be able to mirror this so it needs to be nicely tangent as is the solidworks version.

Patch doesn't allow this.

Network curves allows you to get into the pop up console, but creates a crazy surface.


There are two general approaches to this sort of modeling. The first is to extend curves so you can make a 4-sided surface, then Trim away one corner to make the 5th edge. Your model suggests the boundary curve could be the Trimmed edge, suggesting the two surface edges be the edges to extend.

The second is to create an interior curve that goes from one corner across to another edge. Then you would be modeling two surfaces instead of one to fill the 5-sided hole.

This is a common modeling technique for guitar necks where they transition to the body. I thing a little Google searching will turn up several examples.

Good luck


what do you think of the attached result? I have been using a plug-in, though (VSR Shape Modeling 2.0).

If you are interested I can explain in more detail how I did it.




Hi Michael.

That looks great.......please could you show me how you achieved this with the plugin?.

Kind regards


ehhhhh....just saw the plugin is like 1500 bucks.....sorry...not happening.....should just be able to work in rhino....grrrr

Sorry to hear. :-/ but there is much more the plug-in can do. You can download a test version which is working for three weeks, if you want to have a second look on it. I know it is expensive compared to Rhino, but it allows you to get clean surfaces with great transitions, something which is otherwise just possible in products like ICEM Surf or Alias, which cost at least ten times more.



PS: The SolidWorks example has got a positional gap of 0.05mm, something you can easily find out with this plug-in. ;-)

Would be good to see how you made it with the plugin :)

Hi Justin,

I created a youtube video, which should explain it pretty good:


I will be on vacation next week, but I'd be happy to answer any question from you after I'm back.

By the way, we also have floating licenses. ;-)

Have a great weekend,


Ha Ha,

VSR Shape modeling "Multi Blend" was the first thing I thought of when I downloaded this model. VSR+Rhino is the best software purchase I have made in a long time.

Love it!

Downloadd it and tried it....works great!

Seems to be just a few tools that are standard in rhino but allow much more control. Multi Blend is great though......so stupid its not standard in rhino as these are quite common surface problems.

However, $1700 is a bit steep as its node locked too.

Any other ideas on how to make it?


I had to rebuild all your input curves and surfaces to reduce the point counts, smooth out the curvatures and get the right surface degrees.Then it was just a matter of doing a simple trim and sweep two rails.

I still think the multi blend surface with VSR is the way to go for this. It would have turned out even better if Michael had used the merge edge surface command or untrimmed that surface.



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