For some reason, my Rhino V5 just blew up my custom toolbar (.rui) file. Rhino crashed and when it came back, there were no toolbars displayed at all. I went into toolbar layout, found my custom toolbar "myn.rui" but there's apparently nothing there now, like it's been erased of any information. If I open the default.rui, I get the out-of-the-box toolbar layout. Anyone have any iodea what's happened. Does Rhino save a toolbar back-up somewhere? I've spent a lot of time setting up my toolbar, and don't appreciate having to do it again, or risk having it erased.

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Ok - found the back up file .rui.rui_bak for my custom toolbar, renamed it to "myn2.rui" and loaded it. Unfortunately, that gave me just my customized Standard toolbar, but the side bar is completely empty. It's displaying but there are no buttons in it. Before the crash, I had added some buttons from other toolbars to it, so maybe it's a bug in the current version??

Hi Scott- the sidebar displays existing toolbar groups- if you right-click on a tab in your Standard and choose Properties then look for what Sidebar has displaying- if nothing, you can find groups in the drop-down list to assign... any luck? Also, just in case- make sure it is the sidebar that is on and not the MRU toolbar. Check that 'Sidebar Visible' is checked in Options > Toolbar > Sizes and Style page.


Ok, a little more info. I just realized when I try to load my original custom .rui file, it does not load and I get  "Root element missing." displayed above the command line.

Hi Scott- is there a myn.rui.rui_bak in the folder where you keep your rui file? Check in Windoes Explorer, and if you find it, rename it with just the rui extension and try that. Before you do this though, can you please zip your corrupted myn.rui and sent it to me? I'd like to show the developer, to see if we can sort out how this happened. Did you get a crash dump report window when it blew up? Did you send that in?





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