i am using the trial version (5.1.20927.2230) and unfortunately it has the same problem as 3d studio some other programs:

i am using the classic windows scheme (oldschool grey)

basically every redraw event on the UI comes with some flicker.. i saw worse situations in 3ds max, but still - its far from smooth.

best to observe in the left lower corner, where the mouse coordinates run - every second or so it flickers for a short moment.

as far as my knowledge goes it is nothing i can solve by myself with some magic windows registry tweaks. (i had same issues programming winforms - and it never was 100% flicker free, regardless of what i tried)

i tried to find something about this in the forums here, but with no luck.

Also, i am aware that if i switch to aero or similar, probably it will be better, but that is no option, as it would make me very unhappy, looking the whole day at this crime from a microsoft designer

edit: even better to observe in the properties bar, when de-/selecting an object

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Hi Damjan- what video card are you using? Is there a driver update available for it?



i tried two different machines, both nvidia, gtx470 / 306.97 and gt650m / 295.94

asked other people, they have the same issue

made a try with aero on, no difference so far.

Hi Damjan- are you using any non-standard, non-default plug-ins? 




no plugins.

i is a bit speculative on my side, but i would say this is a known glitch with windows 7 and older windows APIs, which i have seen a lot and experienced myself programming UIs with winforms. The autodesk people didnt solve this in 4 years now, so i guess its not that easy to do.

from what i saw rhino5 is really an improvement over v4, just this one thing bothers me..

i would wonder if it is just with me / my setup.

simple example: properties window is open, nothing is selected. select a box, and watch the window build up, and after some 300ms the material buttons pop in moving the rest down 2 lines.

i can live with it, and i guess 5% of the users notice this at all, but makes the whole UI appear "nervous"



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