Windows did an update the other day and I've have nothing but issues
running RHINO on my Bootccamp.  My screen went white while drawing and then
got this:

"Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered"

...and it did after a few frightening minutes.  But it continues to happen
and now without recovering.  I'm getting errors that read"

"A problem has caused the program to stop working properly.  Windows will
close the program & notify you if a solution is available."

Followed by:

"The NVIDIA Open GL driver detected a problem with the display driver and is
unable to continue.  The application must close."

Soooo - I tried updating the driver, I at the time had NVIDIA GeForce GT
330M (date: 4-9-10 ~ ver.

I now have (date: 10-16-10 ~ ver. and still no luck.

What is happening is all my text and my text in my dimensioning tools does
not show on screen.  Now if I click on it I can see something is there and
it shows up in the text dialog box to the right.  It also prints when I
convert to PDF.  I can't see it in model space or paper space.

Ive tried reverting back to W7 Restore Points but my computer didn't have any, I had to create one for the then and now.
Any ideas?

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Hello- from what I understand, you need to back out the Windows update - this was posted to the Rhino NewsGroup-

"Just a quick heads up. I'd been having problems viewing some fonts in Rhino this morning. Turns out that it's down to a Windows update KB2753842 that was auto installed last night. Removing it has everything back to normal. From a quick search on the web, it looks like CorelDraw (and maybe many others) are affected by this."


Thank you!  I will try this. ~ M



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