could u tell me how to get the channel images with neon?

Moreover, is "capture" the only way to save the renderings? cus when I use print, rhino will always crash

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because your PC isn't  powerful enough.

This probably isn't the case.  It's more likely a bug in Neon.

There isn't currently a way - which channels are you hoping to get?

We will look into the printing issue.

Personally I would find Z-Channel & Alpha to be immensely helpful (in that order). It would be great to be able to separately select channels for saving out, and even better if we could get a channel back into, say, Grasshopper in an automated fashion. Since Neon is theoretically being used to accelerate rapid preview, it isn't particularly helpful for anyone who works in a composite-based workflow if we can't hand off separate channels down the line for full preview of the final look. 

Yes, Z-Channel and Alpha. As neon can not provide the channels, the way to get the channels when use neon is render again from Rhino Render?



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