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Neon 1.0 Release Notes ====================== Neon 1.0 SR1 2013-05-17 ------------------ Features -------- - Installer shows Getting Started video at the end. - Support for vertex colors in Rhino Ren… View »

McNeel announces Neon 1.0 interactive 3D viewport plug-in for Rhino 5

Optimized for real-time photorealistic rendering with Imagination Technologies’ Caustic Series2 ray-tracing acceleration boards Develop3D LIVE, Warwick, UK, 16 April, 2013: Robert McNeel & Asso… View »

Neon - : Free real-time viewport raytracing in Rhino 5 1 Comment

Welcome to Neon!   Neon™ is a free, fully raytraced viewport plug-in for Rhino 5.  Developed in collaboration with Caustic Professional, Neon adds a new viewport mode called "Raytrac… View »



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