Window, door profile for frame as enhance the characteristics of opening type as plastic, metal or timber. Each type of windows has different appearance in case of plastic manufacturer use rounded edges for plastic and metal windows are always more sharp, cubical. Simple 2D block would be enough coupling with extrude command, however at sill area is questionable because shape is always different than other 3 edges. Also could be nice to allow low polygonal visibility by block aligning smooth for better graphics enhancements. 


When I create a simple structural opening so with no frame door or window I do not know how to select it on 2D or 3D. Also it would be nice an axis snap (centre of the opening) to windows/doors for better handling.


This is questionable how would be better, but when I copy a wall the program copy the wall without openings, I think it would be better to copy wall with everything that wall contains.  



It depends on the user and architect how they make difference between doors regarding IDs at schedules but sometimes we make difference also btw, righ/left openings with the same features. Regarding this, I think that would be better to add a FLIP option next to Opening Side as I tried to use Mirror command using wall line for mirror axis to flip door to the other side of the wall but I was not successful. How can I do it?


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Thanks for all these ideas.

1. All doors and windows parameters that can't be created with the doors/windows styles options, can be generated in Rhino (using rhino geometry and tools), saved as blocks, and have these blocks assigned to the VisualARQ door and window styles. That way you can create doors and windows with any shape and assign to each part of the block used any material or layer. This video shows how to create a door from a block:  http://youtu.be/kfJsnId9j94

Regarding the polygonal visibility, VisualARQ uses the same render mesh quality as Rhino, which can be customized in Rhino options. 

2. You are right. It is difficult to work with openings since it is difficult to select them from the top viewport, and impossible from the perspective viewport. However there is a workaround consisting in giving a frame component to openings, and put them in a layer which can be hidden anytime. You just need to turn on the layer where those frames are located, when you want to select the openings, and turn it off when you don't want to see them. See this post for the full explanation of this workaround: http://www.visualarq.com/support/tips/4671/

3. If we did what you suggest, perhaps some other user wouldn't like to copy the doors and windows contained in the wall. There is a way to automatically select the door and windows contained in a wall. Keep pressing the right click button on a wall (the context menu will be displayed), and select wall > select > contained doors / contained windows.

4. If you activate the doors and windows control points, you will see they have a grip point to change their opening side. (select that grip point and drag it to the other side of the wall). It is not possible to change that parameter from the properties of the opening object, since the opening side only concerns of how the opening is opened for the same side of the wall (left or right). This information though, can be listed in schedule tables.

Besides that, we will allow that the mirror command also changes the opening side of doors and windows.

Hi, Since VisualARQ 1.9 version the Mirror command can be applied on openings to change their orientation and opening side.


And this type of windows? could be on demand on the next versions?

Leonardo, in VisualARQ 2.0 you will be able to create this kind of window from a Grasshopper style. In a similar way as this Garage door is created: https://youtu.be/zMVkngblezA




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