Hi Francesc, 

I would have a question about layout creations,

When I generate floor plan views from Visualarq objects, spaces are invisible? What is the trick to make it visible? 


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Hi Onrender. 

Spaces are not created in Plan views. We are aware of this limitation, and will work to improve it in future versions.

The current workaround to achive that is to explode the space objects and move them on the plan view created. 

The other solution is to create the space from a closed curve, directly in the Plan View drawing.

When you run the vaSpace command, there is an option in the Command line to create it from a curve.


Thanks Francesc,

I have an idea for layouts, but it is may already in your mind. 

I tested more and I realized there is no need to use the "Create Plan View" command. 

So when I set layouts-plan views on papers and I set stories there (double click on small door icon) works everything fine, viewports are keeping the views of the named levels.

However the problem is with the annotation and dimension stuff. For example when I have 5 level building and each level has 3-4 line of dimension on each side of the building and I activate the planview, I can see nothing because dimension will cover each other, however whith an extra clipping plane (bottom of the current level) we could hide the dimensions below on the certain levels.

What if we want to see the levels below? We also can use the Create plan view command. 

What about?



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