Is there a way to extend a wall to a mesh?

I tried to convert the mesh in polysurface, but it's then realy slow and crashs.



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Hi Sébastien,

Right now it is not possible to extend walls to meshes. I will add this request to the wishlist.

If you want to convert the mesh into a polysurface, it might take time depending on the mesh detail.

But also take into account that walls can be extended to single surfaces. So in case your walls just need to extend to a single surface from that mesh, you could just extract it and convert it into NURBS, which would be easier than convert the full mesh. Then you could extend the walls to that surface.


Thanks Francesc,

I have meshes with a lot of details (using Rhinovault for catalan vault's geometry structures. Effectively, I found a way to do it. It is drawing a small surface to intersect the walls, by projecting wall borders lines on the mesh. Then exploding them and making lines trough points. It is fast using Grasshopper.

Hi Sébastien,

Thanks to let me know about this workaround. In any case, we will try to support meshes when extending walls, in future versions of VisualARQ.

All the best,



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