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VisualARQ 1.7 available

Hi everybody,


VisualARQ 1.7 is now available for download. Owners of VisualARQ are encouraged to download and install VisualARQ 1.7. This is a free service release for all VisualARQ users.


What’s new in 1.7:

  • Faster, handles larger models and generates smaller files.
  • New Railing object (…

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Intro to Simulation Video Sequence

Videos from Friday's Intro to Simulation Webinar are now live. We covered simulation, optimization, and form-finding in Kangaroo v0.084. Enjoy!…


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Simulation Webinar | Experiments

Here are some studies for what we will be covering in this Friday's webinar on Simulation with Kangaroo! Particles + Forces, Funiculars, and Dynamic Relaxation with Analysis and more!…


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Intro to Simulation Webinar Friday

Join us for our Introduction to Simulation Webinar on Friday. Learn strategies for dynamic relaxation and developing funicular shapes using Kangaroo. Hope to see you there!…


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MANUALE GRASSHOPPER > Contaminazioni creative digitali

ISBN 9781291215298

Copyright SpatialConnection(s) (Licenza di copyright standard)

Edizione prima edizione

Editore Dario Donato…


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GRASSHOPPER BOOK > Digital creative contamination

ISBN 9781291215298

Copyright SpatialConnection(s) (Standard Copyright Licence)

Edition First Edition

Publisher Dario Donato…


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3D printed earrings (rhino + grasshopper)

A pair of 3D printed earrings with 13 unique cutouts, made of strong & flexible material (SLS and also in Acrylic- based photopolymer).

The product is designed digitally by Aleksandar Dimitrov, using Rhino3D and Grasshopper plug-in. It is available in several colors and starting price from…


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Algorithmic Design in Grasshopper - Webinar this Friday!

Algorithmic Design in Grasshopper - Webinar this Friday! Hope you can join us for content on algorithms inspired by nature.…


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Rhino-made 3D prints

2012 marks the watershed moment when high-resolution stereo lithography printers became far more affordable. Here, rings created in Rhino 5.0 get printed on a $2500 open-source, open-hardware B9 Creator 3D printer.


Rhino's SLC export function can be used to create image slices used by the B9 Creator in its preparation process. Alternately, Rhino generates compliant STL files that work nicely with the printer's own slicing software.



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3D Car Modeling with Rhino

3D Car Modeling with Rhinoceros

The english book

This is a 624 pages complete step by step guide… Continue

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Taller Juguetes 2

This is the work of the students at Taller Juguetes in México…


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Auxpecker 2.0

Hello to all

After the great success of auxpecker 1.1 with over 7500 downloads

is available to download the new version (beta)

     new maps (more than 800) redefined and expanded in number and types

     new GUI

     new menu for the management of sight

     image capture

     management of the transparency

     management of the reflection

     management of soft colors of the background

     Modification of the materials…


Added by Riccardo costantini on August 27, 2012 at 10:25am — 1 Comment

Create Polyhedra in Rhino 5.0

RhinoPolyhedra is new Rhino 5.0 Labs plug-in that allows you to create and visualize over 300 different types of polyhedra. RhinoPolyhedra supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Rhino 5.0.…


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Tutorial - Chamfer

Chamfer a perforated pipe ( open srf.) with a 30° angle

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Aurora Tree available

Aurora Tree available

Aurora Tree is a rhino 5 plug in.

A.T. consists of creating a tree-like flowchart of versions of the starting…


Added by giorgio gurioli on May 1, 2012 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

Rhino 5 Layer Names

The past few weeks we've been trying different approaches to handling layers when you add the contents of a file to an existing model or create a linked block. The February 28, 2012 Rhino 5 Beta will debut a new approach to controlling layer names. For more details, please see the Layer Names article on the Rhino website. 

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Rhinoceros 2D3D: Result of the course

Click here…


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B-Pavilion: from rationality to complexity



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EvoluteTools debut webinar, 29th of September 2011

The presentation will introduce viewers to EvoluteTools and its advanced geometry optimization algorithms, succesfully used by the Evolute team in real world projects like the YAS Island Marina Hotel and other freeform architectural projects. Florin and Mathias will showcase panel planarization optimization and…


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