Characteristics of Beaux-Arts Architecture

            Beaux Arts is a branch of Neoclassical and Greek Revival architectural design that was derived from Les Beaux-arts (fine arts) in Paris, France in 19th and the early 20th centuries. The style was short-lived as it was considered too much extravagant (Architect of the Capitol). Here I tried to describe some of the characteristics of the architectural design that is exhibited in some of the most famous buildings in America and across the world as observed in some buildings in the Capitol Hill.

            Beaux Arts architecture is considered one of the most extravagant styles in the American history due to its rich and ornamental features. The primary characteristics depend on the sculptural adornment based on conservative and modern designs. The architectural elements of the style employ unique Italian and French formulas as well as Greek features and forms with elaborate details, heavy masonry and massive plans with an emphasis on the integration of architectural design with sculptural elements. The details are in most of the times over scaled with supporting consoles boldly and sculpturally enriched. The significant hallmark of the architectural design is observed in the heavily decorated and elaborate building surfaces with little are left undecorated (Louisiana Department of Culture). The outstanding characteristics of the architectural design in the US include showy houses with vast parks. The style characterizes neighborhoods that are well planned with wide boulevards.

            Some of the common characteristics of Beaux-Arts buildings include stone constructed with highly polished interiors and massive and extravagant symmetry. Dominant features of such buildings include balconies, triangular pediments, columns, pilasters, cornices, and balustrades. Other characteristics of the structures include interiors with opulent ballrooms as well as extravagant stairways (Architect of the Capitol). According to Essays.Solutions, due to the formality, grandiosity, size and opulence, Beaux Arts architecture is majorly exhibited in public buildings such as museums, railway stations, state capitols, banks, government buildings, and libraries.  

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