RhinoTracks: version control for your Rhino documents!

Things you can do:
- commit (save) a document to the RhinoTracks repository along with a comment describing your changes. You can get back to that version of the document anytime in the future.

- view the complete history for a file, with comments, along with a preview of what the file looked like at the time. You can go back in time and revert to any snapshot.

- if your workflow consists of having multiple files that you work on together you can commit them together as a batch with a shared comment. In this case the snapshot represents all the files in the batch instead of having one snapshot for each file.

This release is a solution for your personal files. The repository (all files and all history) is local to your machine. A future release is planned along with a server component that will allow you to create a central repository on a server where you'll be able to sync your local changes and share them with others. Having said that, because RhinoTracks uses powerful open source software under the hood (git version control system in this release*) many of these advanced functions are already available if you are comfortable opening a terminal window and writing at the command prompt.

Even though the current download is a pre-release version I think it's still very useful. I've also setup a discussion group at http://groups.google.com/group/rhinotracks so you can participate and influence the direction of the product.

You can download the pre-release version at:

note: this release will expire on May 1st but I'll add an updated release before that date. This cycle will continue until the plug-in is ready for a version 1.0 release.

A robust system to keep versions of your documents is essential in any kind of work so I hope you'll find this application useful.  I look forward to your feedback.

* you'll have the option to use another popular version control system instead of git in a future release.

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